Coronavirus Countermeasures

Since the end of February, we have had in place measures for clinic disinfection,ventilation, and air purification. We ask all patients to disinfect their hands and check their temperature upon arrival at the reception desk.

Since the Coronavirus Emergency Declaration on April 7th, we have provided consultation by phone and we are currently developing an online consultation system.While the full online consultation system is under development, we are offering our foreign patients tele-video consultation via video chat applications.

How to Book Tele-Video Consultation (This will start from May 7)
Tele-video consultation will be provided to our foreign patients under the following conditions:


the patient is already registered with our clinic and has a patient ID number
the patient agrees to payment via PayPal
the patient can conduct consultation via Whereby (access from a quiet place)



<Advance preparation>

・health insurance card, if applicable
・symptom explanations, preferably written
・name and fax number of your preferred pharmacy
Some pharmacies can send medicines directly to your home.
Please check with your pharmacy to see if this service is available.We also can send any medicines we have in stock.

<Making Appointment>

Send your written information below to
1) Your name, clinic ID number. and telephone number
2) Whether you have a health insurance card in Japan or not.
3) Your desired time and date for appointment.
The staff will confirm receipt of this information and provide bank details for payment.

<Medical consultation>

1) The receptionist will send you the URL of the clinic’s virtual meeting room on the Whereby service.
2) At the appointed time, click the URL and enter your name to enter the virtual meeting room.
3) Please show your health insurance card to Dr.Itou, if you have one.
4) Dr. Itou will explain your consultation fee and prescription details upon completion of the consultation.

Due to the nature of internet telecommunication and the heavy volume of traffic at the current time, we anticipate there could be some intermittent but annoying lapses in the signal. We preciate your understanding and cooperation.