About the city of Kajicho

Festival at Kanda Myojin


Our clinic is located in Kajicho district and is a district in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

It is home to the Kanda Myojin (Shinto) shrine, devoted to Taira no Masakado, who led a rebellion against the central government during the Heian period. In the Edo period, the shrine’s festival was one of the three most famous in the city.(from Wikipedia)

In 1603 during the early Edo period, the shogunate held a readjustment of Edo and Kajicho was one of the town to born a new at this time.The new town name, seems to have established itself among the Edo people immediately, the old maps from 1657 has the name Kachi Town or Kaji Cho written in the map.

kajicho-matsuri Shrine from Kajicho in Kanda Matsuri

The name “Kajicho” means blacksmith and it comes from the person who consecrated this place was a leader blacksmith worked for the shogunate, thus this place holds many blacksmith craftsmen and technology of manufacturing until recently.
Kajicho was a town that provides the necessary essential metal products for people and samurai in the Edo period, it was continued to support the day-to-day life.

Movie clips from Kanda Matsuri